TOTO Winter Promotion 2023

TOTO Winter Promotion 2023

This winter, you can enjoy TOTO’s winter promotion by purchasing the designated combination which includes WASHLET TCF791HK and toilet CW920HK/SW920HK. Availability is limited, please act now to experience the irrefusable charm of all-rounded cleanliness!

In order to bring the massages like washing experience for users, WASHLET provides “Oscillating Cleansing” , which provides users a delightful experience by ejecting water beads rhythmically. The nozzle moves back and forth for thorough cleansing over a larger area. Only small amount of water will be used for “Soft Rear Cleanse”, this function provides soft and gentle water flow to achieve the powerful cleansing effect.


To resist bacteria from growing, TOTO uses anti-stain clean material to create the nozzle and the seat. In addition, WASHLET is equipped with deodorizing function, which can quickly reduce the embarrassing odor and keep the air fresh at all times within the toilet area. PREMIST technology is adopted in WASHLET to prevent the accumulation of dirt — prior to each use, the toilet is sprayed with a fine mist of water which helps to eliminate dirt and waste with each flush, which helps to save the cleansing time.

After each use, warm air dryer in WASHLET comfortably dries rear end to reduce the consumption of tissue which can alleviate burden of the environment.

WASHLET can be used with different toilets, CW920HK/SW920HK in the winter promotion is one of them, the combination can elevate the hygienic level in an all-round way, let’s enjoy the unsurpassed cleansing experience.

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