NEOREST Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

NEOREST Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

NEOREST, the top-class series of toilets manufactured and marketed by TOTO LTD. , celebrated the 30th anniversary of its launch on April 1, 2023.

NEOREST, a coined word combining neo and restroom, was first launched on April 1, 1993 as the future generation toilet for the creation of bathroom. Since then, the NEOREST series has been the top class of TOTO toilets, establishing a series of new common practices for toilets redefining both technology and design. The NEOREST series has created new culture of bathrooms.

All ideas come from a human being’s fundamental, physiological function, relieving oneself. While ensuring that increased hygiene and comfort are compatible with consideration for the environment as indicated by the reduction of water and electricity usage, TOTO’s cutting-edge technologies including EWATER+, TORNADO FLUSH and CEFIONTECT have been introduced in the NEOREST series.

Consistently since the first NEOREST, the series has had a tank-less design. This creates a low-silhouette design which has expanded the possibilities for designing spaces in Japanese restrooms and also overseas bathrooms.

Based on the brand message, Pure Luxury, NEOREST will continue to evolve and remain the one and only brand leading toilets around the world as it makes restrooms more than spaces for people to relieve themselves —— it is going to be the space for healthily keeping the heart and mind in good order and even enriching the heart.


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