The Debut of TOTO NEOREST LS AS and RS

The Debut of TOTO NEOREST LS AS and RS
TOTO Celebrates the 30th Neorest Anniversary with
The Debut of NEOREST LS, AS and RS

NEOREST, a coined word combining neo and restroom, was first launched on April 1, 1993 as the future generation toilet for the creation of bathroom. Since then, NEOREST has been the prime collection of TOTO products, establishing a new culture of bathrooms, redefining both technology and design of sanitary wares. This year, TOTO is thrilled to present NEOREST LS, AS & RS with new design representing the pinnacle of TOTO’s engineering and design capabilities. TOTO believes the new NEOREST collection will set a new standard for luxury and comfort in the bathroom.


NEOREST LS is designed to focus on elegance and comfort, creating a bath environment with hotel-like luxury feeling and spa-like features. The NEOREST LS offers a modern yet classic aesthetic that fits both modern and traditional bathroom interior design. A bit of fun glamour is added with a new wave-inspired design accentuated by a metallic decorative trim and matching remote controller, with options that include silver, nickel, and black. The  stick-style remote controller has a simple yet sophisticated design that evokes a sense of luxury. The full-skirted design offers a clean look reinforcing TOTO's promise of luxury and quality while making maintenance a breeze.


A prestigious iF Design Award winner. It offers an elegant linear design to accentuate any bath space with its classic, clean lines. The silhouette with a full-cover lid and precise design lines provides a distinctive, dignified presence. With its sleek, modern design, NEOREST AS blends seamlessly with a variety of bathroom styles, elevating their aesthetic. Its sense of luxury is underscored by its chic stick-style remote controller.


It focuses on elegant simplicity and a gently rounded aesthetic. Winner of the celebrated Red Dot Design Award, its soft, gentle curves give this sophisticated, clean-line design a sense of refinement and unobtrusive familiarity. In addition, the new NEOREST RS offers an ergonomic block-style remote control design with an illuminated touchpad to personalize consumers' experience.

On top of their numerous advanced technologies, the NEOREST LS, AS and RS provide a brand new function — EWATER+ for under seat. After use, EWATER+ automatically sprays the NEOREST's under-seat front to prevent waste accumulation and stubborn yellow stains, reducing the need for detergents, which benefits the environment.

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