TOTO Summer Promotion 2023

TOTO Summer Promotion 2023
TOTO Neorest DH Intelligent Toilet
To Enjoy the Refreshing Life with Us

Neorest DH intelligent toilet will be on sale this summer. You can enjoy TOTO’s summer promotion from now on by purchasing the designated models (CS989PVT/TCF9575HK(P-Trap)) or (CS989VT/TCF9575HK(S-Trap)). Stock is limited, do not hesitate to enjoy the Japanese cleansing experience provided by Neorest DH!

Neorest DH intelligent toilet was developed based on the CLEAN SYNERGY spirit, which gather the 4 signature technologies – PREMIST, EWATER+, TORNADO FLUSH and CEFIONTECT in the toilet. Its streamlined contour and the groundbreaking functions have embodied the ethos of Japanese craftsmen— always pursuing perfection.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, Neorest DH is absolutely the must-have item for your home. Its sensor-activated toilet lid raises and lowers automatically to provide the “Touch Free, Bacteria Free” experience. The built-in WASHLET is another signature feature, which has a massage-like washing function and offers a variety of cleaning modes to cater different needs.

CLEAN SYNGERY spirit is fully embodied in Neorest DH Intelligent Toilet. PREMIST technology is adopted in it. Prior to each use, the toilet is sprayed with a fine mist of water which helps prevent dirt and waste from clinging on the surface, hence reduce the cleansing time and difficulty. The nozzle of WASHLET will be automatically cleansed and sanitized by EWATER+ before and after each usage, keeping the wand free of bacteria in the long run. The toilet bowl would be automatically cleansed by EWATER+ as well.

 TORNADO FLUSH technology is adopted, which projects powerful jets of water from inside the bowl and accelerates downward in vortex form. This motion creates a whirlpool effect that cleans the entire bowl. While cleaning far more thoroughly than any other flushing system, it is also quiet and capable of preventing the splashes of water.


The RIMLESS design is adopted in the interior of the toilet bowl. The hole-free rim means that the toilet bowls do not have any difficult-to-reach places in which dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The smooth rim allows cleaning the toilet far more quickly, easily and thoroughly. The extra smooth CEFIONTECT glaze on the surface is a breakthrough creation with stain-resistant technology, leaving the bowl with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mould, limescale and waste matter.

Incorporating traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the top-notch technologies is a deeply instilled culture in TOTO through the past 100 years, and Neorest DH intelligent toilet is one of the best proofs.

The combined effect of CLEAN SYNERGY keeps the toilet bowl far away from dirt, and elevates the hygiene level in an all-rounded way. Stock is limited, please act now to experience the irrefutable charm of Neorest DH intelligent toilet!

* For details of the offer, please contact our TOTO dealers.

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