TOTO Winter Promotion 2020

TOTO Winter Promotion 2020
TOTO All-Rounded Cleanliness
Safeguarding the Hygiene of Your Home

TOTO inherits the time-honoured Japanese craftsmenship and persists in people-oriented spirit over the past 100 years. TOTO based on their creative gene to develop the Tornado Flush technology, using together with the WASHLET, pledging to sublimate the user experience to another unprecedented level, comprehensively improve and protect the hygiene of your home.

You can enjoy TOTO’s winter promotion from now on by purchasing the designated models CW920HK/SW920HK and TCF791HK. Availability is limited, ease act now !sn now by purchasing the ons of the Washletplease act now to experience the irrefutable charm of all-rounded cleanliness!

CW920HK/SW920HK Close coupled toilet equipped with TOTO exclusive patented Tornado Flush technology. The Tornado Flush projects three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl and accelerates downward in vortex form. This motion creates a whirlpool effect that cleans the entire surface. As well as cleaning far more thoroughly than any other flush system, it is quiet, water-efficient and preventing the splashes of water. Tornado Flush outperforms the traditional flushing method, only 4.8 L of water is needed for washing away the dirt completely. Compare with those traditional toilets, which usually use 9-12 liters of water for each flush.

The RIMLESS design of CW920HK/SW920HK is another one-of-a-kind feature. With a hole-free rim, the toilet bowls do not have any difficult-to-reach places in which dirt and bacteria can accumulate. The smooth rim makes it possible to clean the toilet far more quickly, easily and thoroughly. Together with the Tornado Flush, all of the dirt and bacteria will be easily washed away by the centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action.

TOTO’s extraordinarily smooth CEFIONTECT glaze prevents particulates from adhering to porous, ceramic surfaces. The ion-barrier in CEFIONTECT contributes to the dirt-repellent character of the toilet, which helps to save the cleansing time and reducing the cleansing frequency. This can reduce the usage of detergents and water, greatly lessen the impacts to the environment.

CW920HK/SW920HK and TCF791HK match each other perfectly, this combination can elevate the hygienic level in an all-rounded way. WASHLET TCF791HK is designed and manufactured in Japan. Its exterior is ergonomically designed and more streamlined than previous models. The wireless remote control becomes slimmer and more flexible, easy to adjust the seat temperature, water pressure, water temperature and cleansing mode.

In order to provide a higher protection, the material of nozzle and the toilet seat are antibacterial, effectively resist the bacterial growth. In addition, WASHLET is equipped with deodorizing function, which can quickly reduce the embarrassing odor and keep the air fresh at all times within the toilet area. PREMIST Technology of TOTO is adopted in WASHLET for preventing the accumulation of dirt. Prior to each use, the toilet is sprayed with a fine mist of water, this helps to eliminate dirt and waste 80% better with each flush, which helps to save the cleansing time. After each use, warm air dryer in WASHLET comfortably dries rear end without using tissue. The reduction in the consumption of tissue can alleviate burden of the environment.

The level of comfort while using the products is another element that TOTO values the most, in order to bring the massages like washing experience for users, WASHLET provides “Oscillating Cleansing” , which provides users a delightful experience by ejecting water beads rhythmically. The nozzle moves back and forth for thorough cleansing over a larger area. Only small amount of water will be used for “Soft Rear Cleanse”, this function Cleanse with soft and gentle water flow to achieve the powerful cleansing effect. Those different cleansing functions offer an unsurpassed cleansing experience to the users.

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