TOTO Summer Promotion 2020

TOTO Summer Promotion 2020
TOTO WASHLET - Through a Hundred Years of Evolution
Blended the Intelligence with Comfort

TOTO has been evolving non-stop in the past hundred years based on the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship. Their designs not only focus on functionality, but also the level of pleasure and interactivity while using the products. WASHLET, a multi-functioned electronic toilet seat, is one of the most iconic masterpieces of the brand. Up to now, the number of WASHLET sold has surpassed 50 million globally.Since its launch in 1980, the demand for WASHLET has been growing steadily among household, commercial and public area. TOTO aims to meet the increasing needs for more advanced and comfortable bathroom fixtures round the globe, and to promote the Japanese “toilet culture” to the rest of the world. Therefore, the brand is determined to keep improving the quality of their products. 

This summer, you can enjoy TOTO’s summer promotion when purchasing the designated combinations. 

The designated combinations include toilet CW781RPB/SW781RPB & WASHLET TCF6632A or toilet C940E/S940DPE & WASHLET TCF6631A. Availability is limited,  act now to experience the irrefutable charm of WASHLET!

To resist bacteria from growing, TOTO uses anti-bacterial materials to create the nozzle and the seat. In addition, WASHLET is equipped with deodorizing function, which can quickly reduce the embarrassing odor and keep the air fresh at all times within the toilet area.

PREMIST Technology is adopted in WASHLET to prevent the accumulation of dirt — Prior to each use, the toilet is sprayed with a fine mist of water, this helps to eliminate dirt and waste with each flush, which helps to save the cleansing time. After each use, warm air dryer in WASHLET comfortably dries rear end to reduce the consumption of tissuewhich can alleviate burden of the environment.

The toilet CW781RPB/SW781RPB in the summer promotion package is equipped with CEFIONTECT.

TOTO’s extraordinarily smooth CEFIONTECT glaze prevents particulates from adhering to porous, ceramic surfaces, which helps to save the cleansing time and reducing the cleansing frequency. This can reduce the usage of detergents and water, hence lessen the impacts to the environment.

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