[26 Nov to 2 Dec] Having established a prominent presence in HK for more than 30 years, TOTO has always taken pride in advocating Japan’s innovative home design creations. Persistent product modernization, research and development have breathed life into countless functional and aesthetically remarkable creations. Each product is enriched with meticulous details to provide the utmost comfort to enhance any sanitary living space. This year, the brand has once again demonstrated to the consumers its pioneering instinct with the New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet. The revolutionary toilet and Washlet unit combines a streamlined silhouette with groundbreaking functions that exceed users’ expectations. It will radically change the way consumers think of their bathroom experience.

In order to truly demonstrate to you the functions of the New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet, VSC and TOTO had an unprecedented collaboration with the comic cartoon character, Excreman. “TOTO x Excreman- May Four Seasons Be Smooth” was a week-long, large-scale exhibition in World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay; Excreman appeared in four different outfits, based on the four seasons, invited everyone to discover the “Shitty Gardens” constructed together by TOTO and Excreman.

TOTO and Excreman is a match made in heaven by VSC not simply because of their respective roles as a toilet and excrement, but the main reason is their shared attitude towards living. TOTO has always promoted smart home living, hoping to bring to people an enjoyable experience in the bathroom, manifested through the supporting role played by the many functionalities of a New Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet. Similarly, Excreman also hopes to develop and contribute what he can; both Excreman and TOTO strive to assist and bring happiness to people’s lives. Excreman’s character originated from McDull’s story; after a very full Christmas celebration, McDull produced a human-shaped dung, Excreman. The two soon became good friends; Excreman did not know when he would be flushed away or when he would be squashed, but he had one wish - he hoped that in his limited lifetime, he would one day become fertilizer, to help flowers blossom and grow.

TOTO has always taken sustainability and water conservation to heart. To TOTO, “Toilet Life” is not limited to the confines of a sanitary space, but also the effects on surrounding environments. The New Neorest AH’s Hybrid Ecology Flushing System minimizes water usage with each flush, and the ewater+, or electrolyzed processed water, is antibacterial while remaining environmentally-friendly. To share the joy of crafting eco-friendly creations, TOTO invited guests to join a fun-filled organic soap workshop. Through the experience, TOTO conveyed how it takes people-centered designs to heart.
“TOTO x Excreman- May Four Seasons Be Smooth” was a week-long, large-scale exhibition in World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay which attracted a lots of fans visiting and photo taking.

“LIKE the “TOTO Hong Kong” Facebook page to participate in the games, everyone had the chance to receive a “TOTO x Excreman – Shitty Gardens” printed paper roll. Over 8,000 fans won the tissue rolls, sure a happy moment to take a selfie together – “Cheers!”

“Excreman" paraded along the streets of Causeway Bay greeting everyone during the weekend and distributed “Excreman” balloons!